Lawn Treatment Programme

Our lawn treatment programmes use quality fertilisers and weed control applications that are only available to professionals. Lawn Envy’s seasonal lawn care programme provides the best treatments at the right time of year with the correct analysis. Our focus is on providing what the lawn needs to grow in a healthy way, not on over-stimulating growth (which results in a weak, disease-prone lawn in the long term).

Lawn treatment

Spring Lawn Care   (March – May)

To get your lawn off to a good start, our spring lawn care treatment involves the application of granular fertiliser to improve the colour and density of the grass and encourage rooting and strong growth. A selective herbicide is also applied to control emerging broad-leafed weeds such as dandelions, daises and plantains.

Early Summer Treatment   (May – July)

On our second visit to your lawn, we apply a controlled-release fertiliser to improve the colour and density of the grass and encourage a strong healthy lawn. This lawn treatment also includes an application of another selective, liquid herbicide to tackle broad-leafed weeds as well as targeting other, hardier varieties.
Seasonal lawn care
Summer lawn care

Summer Lawn Treatment   (July – Sept)

Our third seasonal lawn care treatment includes an application of a special ‘slow release’ no-scorch granular fertiliser, which helps your lawn to cope with the unpredictable weather of the late summer and allows the grass to continue healthy plant growth and rooting. Special emphasis is now given to the more difficult weeds such as trefoils, woodrush, and speedwells with a specialist, selective herbicide that targets the hardier types of lawn weeds.

Autumn Lawn Care   (Oct – Dec)

The Autumn/Winter lawn treatment prepares your lawn for the winter months and helps reduce the growth of moss. This treatment will boost colour, allowing your lawn to look great as it enters the final months of the year, but does not stimulate winter growth.
Autumn lawn care
Winter lawn treatment

Winter Lawn Treatment   (Jan – Feb)

Due to optimum conditions for moss re-growth, moss becomes more and more of a problem in domestic lawns during the winter months. Lawn Envy’s winter lawn treatment primarily focuses on the control of moss, nutrients for root development, disease resistance, toughening of the grass and maintenance of a dark, lush colour.

Our seasonal lawn care programme is designed to keep your lawn beautiful all year ‘round. Whether it’s the height of summer or the dead of winter, we believe that every lawn should look its best!