Lawn Care Services

When undertaking any lawn care work, it is important to bear in mind that every lawn is different. Light exposure, soil type, local climate, and a variety of other factors should all be taken into account. That’s what sets Lawn Envy apart from other companies: our lawn care services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your lawn. Whatever we do for your lawn – whether it’s top dressing, aeration, overseeding or lawn scarification – we will aim to provide an outstanding service that’s ideal for your garden.

Lawn care

Lawn care services

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is required when the soil has compacted, which typically occurs in areas that receive the most wear such as around children’s play areas and along established pathways. When soil is compacted it can seriously damage the grass, not only by stopping oxygen getting in and carbon dioxide getting out but also by preventing water from reaching the roots in times of drought and from draining away in the wet winter months. Lawn aeration is a simple but back-breaking task that involves driving either solid or hollow spikes several centimetres into the lawn surface, thereby allowing the water and oxygen to penetrate the root system, improving the quality and strength of the grass.

Lawn Scarification

Scarification is the process of removing thatch (a fibrous layer of old grass stems, dead moss and other debris) which builds up on more established lawns to form a semi-waterproof cover that impedes air, water and essential nutrients from reaching the grass roots. It is important to remove this thatch so that the lawn can thicken and so that disease is discouraged and moss development is kept at bay. Regular lawn scarification is required to keep levels of thatch at an acceptable level of less than 1cm deep; however, on lawns with a thick thatch layer an initial heavy scarification will be required, and this will involve several passes with a professional lawn scarification machine which will remove huge amounts of waste material and leave the lawn looking a bit sad. But we sometimes have to make something look worse before it can look better, and to give the lawn all the assistance it needs after such a stressful operation, we strongly recommend that lawn scarification is followed immediately with over seeding and top dressing (see below).
Lawn scarification
Lawn top dressing

Lawn Top Dressing

Top dressing should be applied to your lawn once every year to build up an ideal soil layer which will encourage an increase in grass roots and a thickening of the turf. As mentioned above, lawn top dressing is recommended after a heavy round of scarification. This will help your lawn to look a little less bare once the scarification process is complete.


When moss and weeds have been killed, or where grass is growing sparsely, it may be necessary to overseed. Overseeding is the application of additional grass seed to help the lawn to stay thick and dense. Overseeding with a variety of different seed species can be carried out in early autumn or mid-spring. Like lawn top dressing, overseeding is often necessary after scarification and/or aeration.